A Do-It-Yourself Fight Against Foreclosures package gives you the weapon you need to effectively challenge the bank for wrongful foreclosure and subsequently Save your home!


One of the most unpleasant experiences for any homeowner is foreclosure or the repossession of one’s house.

You can be proactive and protect your home by engaging in foreclosure OFFENSE (Why? because you need to fight fire with fire, a mere mindset of Defense is not enough. You need to show the Banks (pretender lenders), that you “know what they know” by executing options that will prevent a foreclosure from occurring, or reversing it when it does occur. Once you have all the necessary resources in your hands which will show them that you are aware of the FRAUD they committed on your mortgage loan, which automatically disqualifies them from seeking interest in your home, you will see them Running. In fact, they will not only be running but they will be approaching you with serious offers to modify your existing mortgage loan, so they don’t lose all interest in the property, if the matter is litigated.

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If your property has already been foreclosed, use the available options on our program to reverse already foreclosed home and reclaim your most prized possession.

If you do nothing, you will see the WRONG parties WITHOUT standing, STEAL your home right under your nose, and by the time you realize it, it might be too late!

You can do it by yourself! START Today — STOP Foreclosure Tomorrow!

A Do-It-Yourself Fight Against Foreclosures package gives you the weapon you need to effectively challenge the bank for wrongful foreclosure and subsequently Save your home!

Fightforeclosure.net is the “Pro Se” (Self Help – Without Attorney) foreclosure HAMMER for challenging Wrongful Foreclosure against your Bank/Lender. This unique “Pro Se” program package Offers a practical, step-by-step system for taking action to prevent foreclosure on your home before it is too late. Homeowners will receive a comprehensive foreclosure package containing hundreds of files on how to effectively defend a mortgage foreclosure in the Federal Courts. This unique package contains already prepared necessary legal forms which will give the home owner insight into the practice and procedure on foreclosure and how the legal system works. The homeowners will then gain the much needed confidence necessary to effectively challenge the wrongful foreclosure in the Court and subsequently save their homes! For more information on this package. BUY NOW – SAVE YOUR HOME!

Full Pro Se Foreclosure Defense Package – (Options, Methods, Guides, Pleadings, Case Law, References) $495

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Pro Se Foreclosure Defense Package – (Options, Methods, Guides, Complaint, Motions, and All Other Pleadings, Case Law, Reference Materials) $495 Judicial and Non-Judicial States,

(FOR FEDERAL COURT) – But Can Be Equally Modified For State Court Litigation Using the Additional State Court Resources Within the Package.

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Pro Se Bankruptcy Package (FOR BANKRUPTCY “ADVERSARY PROCEEDING ONLY”)(Package Includes Adversary Complaint, Instruction Guides, Motions, Other Pleadings, Case Law and Reference Materials) $450 (For United States Federal BANKRUPTCY COURT).

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DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers. With our significant background in Paralegal Services and vigorous successful litigation against purported lenders for wrongful foreclosures in the United States; State and Federal Courts, which we successfully won at numerous times, you are on the right course in saving your home! The information presented here is based upon our experiences in federal court challenging and defending unlawful foreclosures. It is presented to assist you in successfully defending your foreclosure and saving your home like we did. Furthermore, it prepares you for what lies ahead should you end up in court. In many cases, lenders backed down and agreed to modify your loan in order to settle it out of court. This package is for Homeowners who are thinking about representing themselves, pro se, in a court action. i.e (Without Lawyers), as litigation can be quite expensive. Homeowners can represent themselves in court. Homeowners already with legal counsel can also use this package to ensure that their attorneys are properly doing what they are supposed to do to Save Their Home. The home matters to you more than any other person. Your interest is on the line and you need to fight harder. Banks has no interest in modifying loans therefore (You need to be on OFFENSE not DEFENSE). Remember, the court rules and the federal rules are written by lawyers for lawyers. We try to put them into plain English here, showing you step-by-step process to effectively challenge your foreclosure and subsequently saving your home on your own, in most cases without ever filing for bankruptcy. This package is not a complete analysis of everything that can happen, but contain what is needed to effectively challenge and win your wrongful foreclosure. Saving your precious home from the bank. These are intended as a guide – starting point to the finish line, which will help you litigate your foreclosure on your own without paying thousands of Attorneys fees, putting the banks in defense mode and subsequently negotiating an affordable loan modification that saves your home. Always consult competent legal help. The information contained in this package is not intended to replace the advice of your lawyer. The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to convey a legal opinion nor legal advice for any particular case or situation. This information does not represent a complete discussion of all the issues relating to the area of consumer foreclosure. Do not rely on the information contained in this web site, since every individuals factual situation is different. Independent legal advice regarding specific situations from a licensed Attorney is advisable. While we are in close consultation for advisory with Licensed attorneys in just about every aspect of our program, nothing in this web site shall create an attorney-client relationship. Nothing sent to the administrators of this website via e-mail shall constitute an attorney-client relationship. Nothing contained in this web site shall be construed to be a guarantee or prediction of result.

[No legal advice intended. HIRE A LAWYERS! It is purely an academic exercise because of greater interest in such issues. Absolutely no legal relationship is created and no follow up questions entertained on our blog other than general issues.]

 All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2006 – 2018 FightForeclosure.net


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your UCC description seems to imply that securitization of a mortgage is allowable pursuant to UCC rules. However, I’ve read that this is not true. That a note that has other conditions than amount borrowed, interest rate, and date for repayment cannot be securitized. Most mortgage notes fail to meet these limitations. If this is so, than the borrower has been made an unkowing participant in a invalid security offering. And the originator is guilty of an illegal security offering. What is your opinion?

  2. Jhon Diaz said:

    How can I order services?

    What does the Full Pro Se Foreclosure Defense Package $495 Includes?

    If I buy your products, Can I ask questions regarding the case? Is there support of any kind?

  3. You should have a subscribe link (for the entire blog, not just in the comments section) so people can get notified of new posts (without having to comment)..

  4. Can I launch a civil action after the sale ?

    Seems like the tide is turning


    I have a classic Chase rip off , fraud case



  5. Tara Medrano said:

    Do you happen to have any information regarding CWABS Asset Backed Certificates Trust, Series 2005-BC5 or the re-securitized trust, RMAC Trust, Series 2016-CTT ??

    Do you know if Countrywide Home LOans ever legally perfected the loans in that trust in 2005? Thanks.

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