Stern-frontDavid J. Stern, the Florida attorney who made millions during the mortgage crisis — and who was later disbarred after falsifying foreclosure documents at his law firm — is selling his megamansion in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for $32 million.

The 17,000-square-foot house sits on three lots on a private island. It has 500 feet of water frontage — ample space for yachts — and a few thousand square feet of outdoor terraces, according to listing agent Dennis Stevick of DND Associates.

“The outdoor entertaining opportunities are pretty much endless,” Stevick says.

Inside, the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home is crammed with luxury. Much of the custom woodwork in the house is made from “wood pieced together by craftsmen from all over the world,” says Stevick.

The property also features a 12-seat home theater, five fireplaces, a gym, an executive office, an outdoor tennis court, a cabana, an infinity pool, and a six-car garage.

Stern had the home custom-built for him in 2007. At its peak in 2009, his law firm made over $260 million a year, earning him the ” Foreclosure King” moniker.

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